Royal Mail Franking Machines

Royal Mail Franking Machine

The Royal Mail do not manufacture their own franking machines however they do have a select few manufacturers and suppliers which they classify and authorised. Mailcoms are a British franking machine supplier that maintain and supply a franking machine to any company that may need it and they have been classified and authorised by The Royal Mail to do so. This is an award that Mailcoms are proud of as they are only one of a select few in the entire UK to have this honour.

A Royal Mail franking machine will bring you many franking machine advantages that make them better to use and more worth while to buy, compared to stamps. When stamping mail, you must go out of your way to buy stamps at an expensive price. Then once they are bought, stamps are manually placed onto your mail. This is a very long winded procedure just to send mail from one place to another. If you have a franking machine however, the procedure is far shorter and easier to do for everyone. You simply put the mail into the machine, and then your mail will be franked within a minute. You do not need to go and buy a frank like you do a stamp, and human interaction is limited.

As well as this, The Royal Mail issue postage costs for franking machines, but they are far cheaper than stamps. For example a First Class Stamp cost 60p wheras a First Class Frank will cost you 47p, saving you money. Every frank will turn out cheaper to run than stamps, and money will be saved overtime. This means that a franking machine is far more convenient, quicker, cheaper and easier for every business that has one.

You can also buy franking machine supplies for your franking machine which will help your franking machine run. They include franking ink cartridges, franking machine labels, franking machine label rolls and franking machine envelopes. These are much lower and cheaper in price if you buy them from Mailcoms. We are much cheaper than any of our competitors and we can offer you all of the required franking machine supplies, no matter what franking machine you have.

With a franking machine, you have access to cheaper franking prices, for example a First Class Frank for a Large Letter will cost 71p, whereas a First Class Stamp for a large letter will cost you 90p, saving you213p. Over time the money you save will accumulate and rise, and you will reap the advantages from it. A franking machine can send mail by a variety of different post. These include: First Class Mail, Second Class Mail, Airmail, Special Delivery, Next Day and Same Day Delivery, International Delivery, and ParcelForce Worldwide Providers.

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